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Petroleum and Petroleum Products

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/* General Knowledge of Petroleum and Petroleum Products */
== General Knowledge of Petroleum and Petroleum Products ==
The Excise Tariff Act B.E.2527 (1984) defines Beverage oil and oil products that are under the excise law as drinks which normally can be consumed without dilution and without alcoholfollows. Such a product may or may not contain carbon dioxide Oil and is packaged in sealed containers. Some examples include flavored mineral wateroil products are products manufactured from petroleum, including gasoline, sweetened drinkkerosene, fruit jet fuel, diesel fuel, heavy fuel oil, fuel oil and vegetable juice and soda waterother oils similar to these types, etc. It also includes beverages produced or packed or pumped from drink vending machinepetroleum oil bitumen (asphalt), petroleum coke, various kinds of petroleum gases, although not in sealed containers. Beverage products do not include the follows: * Water or natural mineral water* Distilled or filtered water for drinking without embellishments.* Beverage manually manufactured for retail that does not contain carbon dioxide and is without chemical preservatives.* Fresh milkgas, flavored or non-flavored milkliquefied natural gas, etc.solvents, in accordance with the law on foodby product of various substances and other waste derived from petroleum.* Drinks They also include oil or other products from refined petroleum that are defined by the Minister in the Government Gazette.
==Petroleum and Petroleum Products Properties==