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Lead Crystal and Other Type of Crystal

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== General Knowledge of Lead Crystal and Other Type of Crystal == Lead Crystal and Other Type of Crystal is glass product that contains lead. It is normally used to make jewelry, furniture, general decoration and appliances like clocks, vases, glass beads, glasses, etc. Types of lead crystal glass may be divided into three categories.  * Soft glass (Soda Lime) normally contains soda and limestone composition with sand. Normally, it has glass (silica) sand 71-75%, soda 12-16% and other compounds. This type of glass includes glass bottle or jar, glass doors and windows. * Crystal glass (Lead Glass) normally contains glass sand 54-65%, lead oxide 18-38%, soda 13-15%. This type of glass usually has a high refractive index and is sparking. It can be used to make beautiful tableware, vases, glasses and other decoration accessories. * Borosilicate glass is a type of glass with a boric oxide as a component with glass sand 70-80%, boric oxide 7-13%, and aluminum oxide 2-7%. This type of glass is resistant to chemical corrosion and temperature changes. This glass type is often used in the chemical industry and in the laboratory as well as tubes and medicine bottles in the pharmaceutical industry, lamp part, heat-resistant kitchen utensils used in the oven.
== Product Categories and Properties ==