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Marble and Granite

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== General Knowledge of Marbles and Granites ==
*'''Rock''' is defined as a solid mass consisting of the same mineral or various minerals formed together naturally *'''Marble''' is means a limestone rock which has undergone natural geological processes. The result is a crystalline solid consisting metamorphic form of different minerals or different materials in patterns. Marbles are used as construction materials limestone composing mainly of calcium carbonate, regardless of what form it takes and ornamental materials (eg. flooringcapable of being shaped, walls, staircases, tables, and sculptures)cut or carved into any design or pattern. *'''Granite''' is defined as means a nonporous intrusive kind of igneous rock containing in any form composing mainly of quartz and feldspar and quartz. The hard is resistant to acid, strong and durable solid has high density. It is non-ductile and non-absorbent. The patterns differ according to location capable of being used for construction and minerals present in the proximitydecoration.
== Product Categories and Properties of Marbles and Granites ==
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| Factory Suggested retail price | Selling A suggested retail price at the factory intended by an industrialist or importer as a sale price for consumers in general. The price does not include VAT or local government tax.
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| Product categorized as marble or granite
== Excise Tax Rate for Marble and Granite ==
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!rowspan="3"|List of Particulars
!colspan="3"|Excise Rates
!rowspan="2"|Percentage Per Value
!colspan="2"|Per Volume(Baht)
!Per Unit-Baht
|Marble and Granite
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==Excise Tax Rate Search System for Marbles and Granites==
[ Marbles and Granites Excise Tax Rate Search System] is a service of the Excise Department, which returns the Excise Tax Rate for the specified product properties and also calculates the estimated excise tax to be paid.
==Excise Calculation==
Excise tariff calculation for Marbles and Granites is based on Excise rate per value only.
Excise Tariff per value = (Suggested retail price x Excise rate per value) x 0.01
==Mapping with Harmonized System Code for Marbles and Granites==An import/export of boat requires to follow certain procedures as regulated by the Customs Department. Therefore, in order to facilitate a taxpayer to request for an import/export permit or to pay taxes and duties at the Customs Department, the mapping between Excise Tax Code and Customs' Harmonized System Code for Marbles and Granites is available, [[th:หินอ่อนและหินแกรนิตMapping between Excise Tax Code and Harmonized System Code for Marbles and Granites|here]].