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/* General Knowledge of Liquor */
== General Knowledge of Liquor==
Liqueurs are defined as alcoholic beverages derived from the distillation process.
The United States regulators define alcoholic beverages as any beverage containing no less than 0.5 percent by volume ethyl alcohol that can be consumed.
Industrial standards for alcoholic beverage production M.O.K. 2088-2544 defines alcoholic beverages as a beverage containing between 0.5 – 80 degrees alcohol.
The Excise Department defines alcoholic products according to the Alcoholic Beverage Act B.E. 2493 (1950) where liqueur includes substances or mixtures containing consumable alcohol and liqueur not consumable on its own but consumable when mixed.
According to EXCISE ACT B.E. 2560 (2017) defines the liquor products tax as follows :
:'''“Distilled liquor”''' means distilled spirit including distilled spirit that is mixed with
fermented liquor and contains more than fifteen degrees of alcohol.
According to Ministerial Regulation 46 B.E. 2513 (1970), distilled alcohol is defined as follows:
: '''"Sura Sam Thap"''' is defined as distilled beverage containing 80 degrees or greater
: '''"Rice whisky"''' is defined as distilled beverage less than 80 degrees without impurities or infusions
: '''"Mixed alcoholic beverage"''' mixed alcohol is defined as modified or infused Sam Thap or white alcohol less than 80 degrees
: '''"Specially brewed beverage"''' Specially modified alcohol is defined as distilled alcohol which mixes Sura Sam Thap and is less than 80 degrees
: '''"Specialty beverage"''' Specialty alcohol is defined as distilled alcohol derived from special methods and is less than 80 degrees. The 8 categories include whisky, brandy, rum, gin, or other imported liqueurs and Chinese liqueurs.
== Liquor Product Properties ==