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/* Excise Tax Rate Search System for Liquor */
==Excise Tax Rate Search Mapping with Harmonized System Code for Liquor==An import/export of Liquor products requires to follow certain procedures as regulated by the Customs Department. Therefore, in order to facilitate a taxpayer to request for an import/export permit or to pay taxes and duties at the Customs Department, the mapping between Excise Tax Code and Customs' Harmonized System Code for Automobile is available, [ Liquor Excise Tax Rate Search Systemmain here] is a service of the Excise Department, which returns the Excise Tax Rate for the specified product properties and also calculates the estimated excise tax to be paid.
{| class="wikitable" [[th:สุรา]]! width=100px;|Excise Code! width=400px;|List! width=200px;|Custom Tariff|-|13.01 |Liquor||-| |(1) Fermented liquor||-| | (a) Beer||-| | (b) Wine and Sparkling wine made from grapes| |-| | (c) Fermented fruit liquor with grapes or grapes wine as component | |-| | (d) Other types not (a),(b) and (c) | |-| |(1) Distilled liquor||-| | (a) White wine||-| | (b) Other types not (a)| |}